Friday, February 13, 2009


Whenever I feel low energy I put on "When I Hear Music" at full blast.

Debbie Deb has been cited as influence on artists such as Gwen Stefani and Janet Jackson.

Debbie was born in Brooklyn. New York, and raised in North Miami Beach, Florida.

A music aficionado from a young age, she was "discovered" at the age of 16 by producer Pretty Tony, at a Miami record store where she was working.

The first song Debbie recorded was "When I Hear Music," which she co-wrote with Pretty Tony. Released on the Jam Packed record label, the song has since become a staple in clubs and on dance radio stations and mixshows. Other hits followed, including "Lookout Weekend", "I Wanna Work It Out", "There's A Party Going On", "I Wanna Dance".

Nearly every Debbie Deb track follows lyrical terrain of 'life is sad/bad but if I go to a party and there's music I can dance and have fun'.

However, Debbie was overweight and suffered from low self-esteem, and found her sudden fame difficult to cope with. She was crushed when her record company decided not to put her picture on the sleeves of her records and, in a Manillli Vanilli-esque move, even hired an "impostor" to perform and pose as Debbie Deb. As a result, she made little, if any, money from her hit singles, and was so hurt by the experience that she stopped singing for years, relying on her work as a hairdresser to make ends meet.

Debbie finally resurfaced on the recording scene in 1995 with the album She's Back.

Now living near Philadelphia, she continues to work as a hair stylist.

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