Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Is there anything more annoying than spending time with a mumbler? It probably doesn't matter how 'smart' you are or how good your taste is, if you mumble you should definitely work on your enunciation. I believe social intelligence or the ability to communicate is more important than any kind of 'problem solving intelligence'.

Good communication
How much fun is it talking to a skilled communicator? their dexterity allows you to simultaneously toggle between 3 or 4 conversations and never lose the thread holding it all together.

Mumblers take note, here are some pointers for making good conversation

Project your voiceSpeak out of your chest, not into it. Your ideas are amazing let everyone hear them!
Good eye contactFeedback is important: you can tell if the other person is listening or not. If attention is flagging, spice up your story with hand gestures, exaggeration or swear words!
Clear and loudDon't make people ask you to repeat yourself - speak clearly
Finish your sentencesDon't trail off and let your sentences die, that's totally gross. Even if you come across like a dork finish your thought.
Tell the right amount of back storyBe confident in your story telling, include some details and analysis.
Look interestedIts like a blow job, look like you are into it and everyone is happier
Touch people at key moments1. Nothing is more DRAMATIC than squeezing someone's hands after confessing something terrible

2. Touch them on the elbow if you are trying to sell them something and you are confident they might be swayed

3. Hold their hand if you want to seduce them - once you are holding hands its game over

4. If you really want to threaten someone take their face into your hands and scream at them

5. Punching someone on the shoulder is a good way to build camaraderie

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