Friday, October 16, 2009


There's always been a lot of mystique surrounding the PXL-2000, a late 80's kiddie camcorder that manages to squeeze a few minutes of grainy black and white video onto an audio cassette tape. Pxl_prod_shot

The PXL-2000’s black and white image was so faded, it had no real blacks and whites, just shades of dead grey. The image also had square grains instead of dots, creating a dream-like, moving mosaic. Kids and parents were scared by the black-and-white “horror film” image it gave, but adult artists gravitated towards it, giving this new medium a name – Pixelvision.

The most famous example was probably Michael Almareyda's urbane 1994 horror film NADJA.

I'm kinda thinking of getting one to film some Corky Ads with my new in house models showcasing my new range of super hot men's teeshirts.

modified PXL

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