Friday, July 09, 2010


Check out my new tattoo by Oliver of the Sky

Yup, he's using the old stick and poke technique that you sometimes see in prison movies. The ink gets pushed into the skin using a needle bound to a pencil using some thread. You get a wispy, whispery line that kinda says "whatever".

To my eye it's not as try hard as a tattoo produced using a tattoo gun, which with its precision and dense colour often ends up looking like a graphic design excercise or a layout from Juxtapoz magazine. 

I like this triangle I got - it makes me look like I belong to some cool cult from the 70s. We chose the placement so when I wear necklaces they will pass through the triangle replicating that Pink Floyd album cover. (I actually don't have any feeling toward Pink Floyd!)

Triangles are so huge right now. Here is the transfer paper used to impress the design onto my neck.

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...beautiful and simple




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