Sunday, August 01, 2010


"Sea otters are pretty special creatures. Living at sea without ever having to set paw on land, they’re also known for using rocks when hunting to dislodge prey and crack open shellfish – making them one of the few tool-using mammal species. This awww-inspiring photo shows two of the lovable sea dogs in their habit of holding paws to avoid drifting apart.
It’s common for sea otters to kick back together like this in groups called rafts. A raft usually consists of 10 to 100 animals, though the largest reported contained a staggering 2,000-plus. Depleted numbers due to hunting for their fur up till 1911 as well as vulnerability to oil spills have made sea otters an endangered species – though a picture like this one can only win them more friends."

The best bit is where they lose contact and then reach out to find each other's paws again.

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