Sunday, September 12, 2010



I'm a fan of the fuzzy distorted aesthetics of the so-called 'witch house' scene of which SALEM are probably the best known exponents. 

I absolutely love this track by Nike7up. It's like 8 flavours or great RNB melded together to make something truly epic.

Pigeon Post writes:
"Britney Spears, Rihanna, The Spice Girls, The Beatles and many more have been chopped up for the works, which draws on the atmospheric of the witchhouse scene, using it as a background for this overwhelming pop-culture montage. Original samples are bent out of their original shape, sped up and slowed down, pitch lowered or raised, barely recognisable. These are all merely puppets in an elaborate show – whilst most remixes focus on the strengths of the original, NiKE7UP has no regard for the intended purpose, shoving incompatible tunes together and making it work. It’s beyond weird, this sugar rush of ideas and barely contained energy, but it’s brilliant. The new wave of darkly ambient electronic acts have been waiting for an artist who could conceivably fill a mid-week dance floor, and it looks like they might’ve been found. Whether or not this select of inspired remixes and edits will ever be able to get the mainstream approval they so desperately deserve, in their current form at least, is highly unlikely. Expect to hear NiKE7UP under a different name, playing different, equally excellent tracks once the writs from the multinationals have finally lapsed" 


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