Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Luyi and Bubs is a new craft label designed and made by Louis Italiano and Abdul Abdullah.

Their current range of wooden necklaces feature creatures and people suspended on little swing sets. Each wooden piece is handpainted.

Yesterday I spoke exclusively with Louis...

Corky blog: Hi Louis
Louis: Hey Corky Blog

Corky blog: Can you tell us what is 'Luyi + Bubs'?
Louis: Luyi & Bubs is Abdul Abdullah and my brand new creative project and craft/jewellery label. For the past year, I've been working at Christopher Hussein Bril's Melbourne-based label Corky, developing my skills in craft and jewellery design and production. Abdul and I met when we were tiny children at school in Western Australia. Since then, Abdul has grown to become an established painter, boxer and renowned environmentalist.

Corky blog: Where are you based?
Louis: Formerly solely a Melbourne-based label, we now have studios in both Melbourne and Perth!

Corky blog: Where do you get your images for the line come from?
Louis: Really, we just think of things that might look pretty or hilarious if they were hanging on a chain around someone who is either pretty or hilarious.

Corky blog: What lies in store for Luyi + Bubs in 2011? Any clues to future designs or motifs?
Louis: Working intra-continentally, we plan to complete our skipping/swinging line in the coming months. Expect more animals and overweight children! We might also have our label stocked at a handmade design market in Stockholm, Sweden (details to follow, Swedes!) and we'd like to have some (any!) kind of online presence in the coming months too!

Corky blog: Who is your favourite Melbourne based indie craft label?
Louis: Haha! Besides Corky of course? I always like the stuff that A Skulk of Foxes are up to!
Corky blog: I love A Skulk of Foxes too. Thanks for your time and good luck with your label!

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