Sunday, March 27, 2011


Finders Keepers Melbourne
2011was the cruisiest design market I've done so far.

There was a cute origami theme going on.

Nick and I set the world record for bumping in. We arrived at 9.40am and had to be ready by 10am so I felt kinda shakey the first hour.

Lots of other stall keepers were laughing at us, which was truly hilarious.

I had a great time at Finders Keepers. It's  nice getting a chance to chat to old customers and people I have known in the craft scene outside of the shop.

Claudia got our stall looking really neat. That is the neatest set up I've ever had and it made the whole day just roll by.

Richard the Carrot caused a mini explosion with the gingers at the show.

Everyone seemed to have a ginger friend who needed Richard or at least needed to comment upon him.

Design market sales arm. Notice all the reasonable price points we offered our customers.

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