Thursday, May 26, 2011


Made the pilgrimage to Domy Books on Chavez Street on the East Side. I checked out their current show 'As Above So Below' which has been curated by Mason and Oddfellow Bruce Lee Webb.

Upon arriving I thought this exhibition was a hipsterish appropriation of Masonic imagery and Southern Outsider Art. But it turns out all of the amazing works here are actual artefacts many of dating to 1880s and earlier. Which made everything creepier and more resonant.

I've had such an amazing time in Austin, Texas I was going to buy myself a navajo inspired blanket by Pendleton from Stag to remember the experience. 

While I was looking at this work (York Rite lion of Judah Banner c.1870) I thought 'fuck that, I'm sick of yuppie shit,' I should get this instead. 

The lion's face is so lovingly painted and definitely has human qualities.

This was literally the star of the show: A Masonic Scottish Symbolic light box (c1890). The image is painted onto a scrim and the whole image can be backlit. It wasn't lit at the show but imagine how eery it would be if it was.
I really wanted this Oddfellows Iniatory Degree Banner (c1900). Studying this work I realised something was up - no hipster artist would have the time, energy or hand skills to execute the delicate gold brocading that frame this piece.

Lodge Goat (c. 1900) use in the iniatory rites of several secret socities. How much would you pay to see one of those ceremonies? and more importantly how was the goat used?

Masonic Fellow Craft Degree Chart c.1870


Pralinka said...

very inspirational!

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Yeah sure. I am following you now....




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