Saturday, December 20, 2008


We had drinks at Siglo. The service was good and our drinks were excellent.

Followed by Dinner at The European. I ate too much and then felt weezy and airless - as if the food had pushed all the air out of my body.

Then more drinks at New Gold Mountain. The decor was pretty. J. seemed obsessed with the space age red moulding framing the window.

The floor dude sat us in the most uncomfortable seats with a ridiculously low table facing a very comfy couch, where a central coast looking couple were engaged in some circus-y seduction, which seemed to involve them taking up TWO tables. He had manicured facial hair and long stringy hair and she was rocken a theatrical 'oriental' look.

After we reseated ourselves our drinks quickly arrived. I had 'sour number 11' which was nice - kinda like alcoholic bubble tea with a yummy cherry on the top.

The music was that 'Triple R as cafe music' - I wonder if anyone really wants to hear Beck or Midlake in a high end OTT cocktail bar?

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