Friday, January 23, 2009


I got five of the best seats in the shade to watch Serena and Venus Williams play some other ladies. I had to fight some Americans for them but it was pretty much game over as soon as I saw them. I felt high and relaxed after that victory.

Serena has a more explosive game and displayed incredible flashes of aggression. You can tell that she is really full on.


Venus is willowy and swept elegant shots that past their opponents . Venus had a really cute gold coloured halter neck tennis dress that showed off her lithe limbs and torso.

There was a streaker! He was wearing a blue wife beater singlet and nothing else. He did this funny drunken moonwalk across the court. No one chased him and he eventually sauntered off, leaving the arena abuzz.

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Emerald Arts said...

Oooh my sister and I have always said that if we were playing tennis and one of those Amazons walked onto the court we would immediately concede defeat. Even returning a serve could leave you with something pulled of broken :P

I frigging love streakers too... gotta admire their spirit.





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