Wednesday, January 21, 2009


With a global meltdown staring us in the face I've been thinking of ways to save money...

1. Make your own ice cubes at home! Don't pay outrageous store prices for ice when its so easy to make at home

2. Buy produce from the markets: its half the price and better quality

3. Subscribe to magazines that you buy every week. You can save upto 50% off the newstand prices

4. Don't buy the airfreight edition of magazines, by waiting a few weeks you can save up to $5 off the cover price of design magazines

5. Don't buy music, download it from 'music blogs' or cultivate friendships with music nerds

6. Don't buy software, download it from the 'torrents' or cultivate friendships with data nerds

7. Make your own morning coffee at home, its so easy once you work out how

8. Grow your own herbs and lettuces. They are so pretty and smell fantastic

9. Make your own fertiliser

10. Buy a concession card off an an un(der)employed friend - it could mean cheap movie tickets or cheaper entry into exhibitions et c

11. Don't throw your leather shoes away, get them repaired. Leather gets nicer as it gets older

12. Don't burn bridges. Remember your network = your networth

13. Instead of buying new books, try reading all the books you bought and never read

14. Make your own porn and swap it with friends or like minded acquaintances

15. Enter competitions to win free tickets. I bet no one enters so you are probably gonna win something!

16. Steal toilet paper, beer glasses, matches and drink coasters from classy cocktail bars

17. Instead of buying Lean Cuisine just divide any meal you would normally eat into quarters and eat one portion!

18. Cancel your gym membership and work out at home instead. Buy a yoga mat and a yoga dvd and you could save thousands $$$ a year

19. Engage in the 'cash economy' more

20. Instead of paying crazy prices for professional massages, swap massage sessions with a hippy friend or put a notice on a community notice board.

21. Lie about the provenance of your clothing. When someone asks you where you got your op shop trousers say

"oh these? they're vintage Karen Walker"

If you can think of any more tips to save money, please share!


ChucklovesBob said...

I laughed.

marmalade said...

try penny pinching

corkysaintclair said...

thanks. there are some cool tips on there;o)

Sarah McNeil said...

this is scary. it is way to close to how i "chose to live".




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