Wednesday, April 22, 2009


From burnished and buffed

Yesterday I was in the shop, using the new store room Neill built for me and and I had this feeling of expansion or not feeling claustrophobic. My experience of being in the shop feels better as I open the shop up more and more.

We are having drinks at the shop to celebrate the return of Corky Saint Clair. May 1st. 5pm onwards.

Light refreshments and dj provided. Door Prizes et c. If you are passing through the city come and say hello.

above photo: bone china canaries $28 & resin skull $25


holly fluxx said...

i am so happy for you chris!!
i can't wait to see your new re-expanded universe.. i mean shop!!!
x x x x
i'll be in melbourne at the end of may

Young Mind said...

I might just have to come by, especially if there are door prizes! :)


hi holly. can't wait to see you and be part of your re-expanded universe. say hi ollie. i'll have have you over for dinner or something

xx k

and young mind come to the opening, i'll put a door prize aside for you. you are not too young to drink??




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