Sunday, May 24, 2009


Stayed in Darlinghurst, round the corner from King's Cross. Baz Luhrman lived next door. Check out his cast iron gates. They were massive, maybe 4m high.

Everyone in Sydney seems to be always seem to be going to the gym or leaving the gym.

It's so beautiful there, I guess you would want to be outside all the time showing as much skin as possible. Which is why Sydney fashion is so retarded. Check out these women I saw in Darlinghurst, which is where the 'scenesters live'

Went to Shopping in Newtown, which is supposed to be like Fitzroy. I did see some lesbians fighting but it wasn't really Fitzroy. Brunswick Street is more affluent, finished and tourist-y.

I liked Made (590 King Street). Found this super cute brooch by Made by White.

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Emma said...

When I lived in Darlinghurst I was always dodging dog poo and needles on the footpaths, even on the most salubrious of streets.
Glad you liked Made 590, I am yet to visit but keep sending folks there!




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