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Anyone who has ever worked at Corky Saint Clair knows that I talk about glass cabinets every single day.

The saddest single thing about The Accident was that my oversized 1950s wooden jewellery cabinet that the lovely people at Koodaks sold to me got destroyed.
It weighed a million kilos and was over 2.5m long. I got my two largest male friends Matt and Callum to help me carry it.

Somehow we got the cabinet down the elevator in the Capitol Building and then moving that cabinet became the furniture moving equivalent of the Stations of the Cross - staggering, stopping and tragically posing through the city - through the lobby, down Swanston Street, down Flinders Street and finally and most torturously down the stairs to the subway where Corky Shop is located.

It was so ludicrously large it caused a rupture in the public space as we carried it through the city. People felt compelled to comment.
-that's a big cabinet
-yeh no shit

It was really hard going. We felt physically and mentally violated afterwards - like we had pushed ourselves a bit too far. I think being that strung out was actually an intensely bonding experience; I will always remember how much Matt and Callum helped me. You guys know how much I love you.

Cabinet Two
This is the cabinet I got to replace the first one. It weighed as much as the first as it was made out of cast iron.

This time I had Elwyn and a Man with a Van to move it. Once again it was almost too hard. I feel like Elwyn and I nearly died as we struggled to carry it down the stairs. At one point I panicked a little and thought I couldn't do it. At another point I thought

'if the cabinet moves even a little it'll snap my head off'

Cabinet lesson
I guess the lesson here is get more men to help moving Very Large Objects

New cabinets
I guess the carthartic fantasy I held for the entire year after the shop was destroyed by Yarra Trams and their reckless engineering was the idea that I could recreate the shop in some new and interesting manner. I discovered that people like vertical cabinets - so I am slowly gathering a collection of vertical jewellery cabinets and laying them out in a charming maze like pattern.

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holly fluxx said...

'if the cabinet moves even a little it'll snap my head off'
you are so funny chris!!




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