Friday, February 19, 2010


Sorry I haven't been posting, I have/ have had the worst food poisoning ever. I think I got it from a weird carrot juice I got from QV. I kinda knew something was up because my request for frozen yoghurt and muesli stumped my service provider, so I said 'don't worry about it I'll just get a carrot and apple juice' and she had to look up how to make that and was shoving weird shit into it, like oranges.

I feel that if you are so unknowledgeable about the basics of the food and beverage industry that you can't even make a classic like carrot and apple juice, then you probably wouldn't know about this new practice called 'washing your hands'.

Anyway, here is our new necklace - "BEN" the rat necklace you have been looking for. It is made from 20 grams of solid silvery goodness, which is nice weight to have around your neck.

And, yes I washed my hands before I put them on the floor.

Available from Corky Saint Clair, Lenko, Kids in Berlin and Tomorrow Never Knows. $160Au RRP

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corygee said...

QV is a horrible place to get food.
despite the shops being fenced in of an evening, the holes are large enough for birds and other pests to get in.




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