Thursday, February 11, 2010


The subway got flooded today, it was dramatic.

Louis was like
-ugh something very bad is about to happen 
and we went outside and there was so much water rushing in it didn't make sense. There was a 4m waterfall from the street into the subway down the staircase it was incredible - just a wall of solid water. To be honest I enjoyed the spectacle of it.

The funny thing was people were still trying to buy stuff with the lights out and a foot of water. How much clearer could it be that the EFTPOS terminal was not going to work?  

Had my photo taken by Fashion Hayley as I did clean up - 'The Flood Outfit'. I love this Patty Smith teeshirt from the Dead Flowers series by Bbblessing in the LES. It looked really good wet with my new gumboots. I got some of their tees to sell at Corky but there's only a handful.

And at the studio there was a 3 metre waterfall falling directly into my design space.

It really was like Melbourne saying 'Welcome Back'. It was OK - all these extreme weather glitches create a rupture that allow for dialogue so I am happy for that.


holly fluxx said...

amazing. wow.

oliver of the sky said...

yah i second that. and on the rupture comment: you are infinitely wise

corygee said...

oh my.
(love the gumboots btw)
floods suck. we had a lovely waterfall also coming down into work, luckily only ruined a few books.
came daaangerously close to soaking this uber-expensive fashion encyclopedia (the puddle was headed straight for it when my manager dived at it in a superhero-like manner, shouting "nooooo!" as she fell to shield it)
why the book was on the floor in the first place is a mystery.
anyway, welcome back to Melbourne.
the weather is still a bitch, but that's half the fun.


thanks cory
glad to hear the fashion encyclopedia was saved. *phew*

come say hi sometime - we can chat about your screen printing project - i'm sure i can help you

Emma said...

Oh my god! And I thought it was bad at home.
We had water pouring through the ceiling through the air vents and holes left by old curtain fittings. Directly onto electrical appliances. Lucky nothing was damaged.

Ceiling damage stuff is the most stressful. It's like that whole 'roof over your head' thing...what happens when even that is going wrong??

Good luck to you!




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