Monday, November 22, 2010


Shara Porter is an artist and textile designer living in Massachusetts. 

An observation during a long drive prompted the designer’s current collection of handbags, shoes and small leather goods. Shara spotted a sign for a construction company with a picture of a dump truck on it. As she got closer, she also noticed a small unicorn on the corner of the sign. The funny, quirky combination of information and the misplaced creature inspired Porter to create similar juxtapositions with her collection of leather goods.

Porter loved the idea of taking an ultra-feminine purse and putting something unexpected on it, such as a tire or a ladder. The bags have since evolved to include all kinds of imagery, including more feminine and playful designs like birds and trees.

We have received our collection of custom printed Shara Porter wallets and card holders. The wallets and card holders are made from durable, supple leather and are made in the U.S.A. Each wallet is hand printed. 

Bicycle Print wallet. Can you imagine the looks of envy you would recieve if you pulled this sleek beauty out at Bikefest 2010?

Brontosaurus. Dinosaurs are so huge right now. 


Owl wallet. I suspect owls will never go out of fashion in Melbourne - and why would they? They are awesome.
I am totally into these card holders - they are smaller than normal wallets and fit snugly into super tight jeans.

I love coloured leather - it gives you a little buzz having brightly coloured accessories.

Available from Corky Saint Clair. Wallets $65AUD. Card Holders $49AUD. Prints and colours vary. Limited Stock.

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