Monday, June 23, 2014


Michael Peck is a well known Melbourne painter. This series of miniatures was created exclusively for Corky Saint Clair using Peck's original images to fashion these beautiful and timeless pieces. 
From Peck's website: "Michael Peck’s [work] recall[s] old sepia-tone photographs. The focus is caught on strange moments, the blur of the trees at times hinting at fog or smoke as the figure looks warily into the distance. A different kind of narrative is unveiled in Peck’s world, one that shares a strange aesthetic with moments from Alfred Hitchcock’s films merged with hints of the surrealism of David Lynch. The monochromatic palette, the strong impression of a cinematic still, a sense of pause...."
Each image is GiclĂ©e printed onto rag paper which gives them the appearance of having been painted by hand. We have protected the miniatures with a durable glass cabochon. The glass is domed which provides some magnification and gives the illusion of depth. We believe that this display gives Michael Peck's artworks the perfect platform to display their etherial and mysterious qualities. 
The miniatures are available as a necklace or as a brooch. The necklaces are presented on a 50cm Italian sterling silver fines curb chain.

Available for purchase here.

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