Sunday, September 20, 2009


Dear Corky,

OMG! Your SHOP KICKS ASS! Your in house label is AWESOME and I love your quirky, HIGHLY AFFORDABLE product range!

Christmas is fast approaching and I was wondering if you had hot tips for those troublesome kris kringle presents that I have to buy every year. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Your Biggest Fan Ever
Briannon S

Hey Briannon
Thanks for the nice compliments, it's people like you who make this business worth running.

Here are some ideas for your kris kringle presents
1. tooth pick holder $9

2. Bone china feather $12 for small, $15 large

3. Industrial felt coaster $3

4. Resin Owl $14

5. Resin Stamp Brooch Gift Set

6. Industrial Felt Polish Papercut Peacock Placemat or Wall Hanging $10 or 3 for $28

7. Resin Squirrel $10

8. Bone China Sea Salt Holder $15

Bone China Crane $15

Hope these tips help!

All the best
Your Friend in Fashion Retail

1 comment:

Young Mind said...

how long are these items on sale for? i think my christmas just came early :)




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