Monday, September 28, 2009


"Legally, the case for allowing such bag searches is flimsy. Without probable cause (which in practice usually means someone will have to have seen you take something off the shelf of the shop and put it in your bag) the shop has no right to detain you or to look in your bag. However, they can ask to look in your bag. You then have the right to refuse. If you refuse the shop can then ask you to not come back to the shop again, but they have no way of actually compelling you to open your bag for them."

from White Rose

No one except a police officer has the right to search your bags, even if a prominent sign states that this is a condition of entry.

I think JB HI-FI are the worst offenders of implementing this policy. Can you imagine trying to walk out of one of their stores without being searched? They are really aggressive about it.

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Luyi said...

Chris when I was in London I got searched by two police officers in a random terrorist search. When I said I was Australian they thought I said Israeli. Not only did they search every pocket of my bag but they went through my books and sketchbooks (reading my shit). It was awful.




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