Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm going totally psychadelic this summer. For me it's all about rainbows again. Check out this cute Spag Flation top I bought.

Their manifesto seems to be written in rainbowanese

"Its a new line, inspired by stagnation, stagflation and two spag eating caucasians own little irey imagi-nation! We like a good pack of spag when the pennies pinch you. We like simple staples handmade with the super quality RHLS Stamp of Fuck YEAH!
Better than american apparel (Receive the quality you paid for, cut the frump, shove off the fraying.. the wimpy seams)! Handmade by the designers themselves (out of salvaged sweatshirts/ deadstock designer sweatshirt fleece and ts mommy!) Limited editions - CREW SWEATSHIRT.
Technicolor! Gradient moves sidewaze up that hot torso of yours in pennant shapes! Grab this one quick fellas and ladies- its extra special
AND ONE SLEEVE IS WHITE?!!! ONE BLACK?!! damn RHLSers you make brains go ka-pow!
TERRORIST APPROVED! I am blowing up the statue of liberty!! (EASY CHEESE) Im flying planes into the space needle. I AM PLANTING GRASS IN DOLLY WOOD! I am sneaking veggie dogs into Coney Island."

I also got this rainbow tie dyed tee that I'll get my tailor to take in to make it more of a slim fit cut.

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