Saturday, September 10, 2011


There is nothing cuter than making a little garden in a glass container

Lately I've been making little terrariums using succulent plants I got from the Victoria Markets, you know from that nice guy with the fuzzy jumpers.

I use cactus soil as it drains better.

Glass bubbles $20 and $30 from Corky Saint Clair

Carefully suspend your glass bubbles from the ceiling using wire and chain.

Please make sure you fasten everything securely as it would be heartbreaking if your bubbles fell and broke.

How awesome would it be if the crane in this photo had a giant glass bubble with a mini garden suspended from that chain?

Don't worry even if you  don't like getting your hands dirty,  you can still make a terrarium. Just put a little pot plant under a glass dome. Place your little terrarium on a plinth. 

I got my glass dome from Paxton Gate in San Francisco, which I think is my favourite shop in the whole World.

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