Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It's apt that I am sitting in Corky Saint Clair wearing a fitted gingham shirt and a vaguely ironic gigantic sterling silver curb necklace while blogging - some of my favourite activities on what is the store's Eighth birthday.

I am still enjoying running this enterprise. When I'm into this business it's very obvious as the shop looks prettier, we get better stock and more people flow through.

In the last year we have been venturing further and further from the shop looking for the brightest and best jewellery and gifts from all corners of this planet. I especially enjoyed my epic buying trip across the US in May and June of this year. Travelling puts running this very Melbourne-centric business into keener perspective and makes me more appreciative of what this city has to offer.

This year I have also enjoyed exploring my new interest in crystals. My next collection of rough hewn crystal rings is titled BLACK LIGHT. It is insanely beautiful. Girls in the shop make this sound that is a mix of sighing and purring - that is what we are going to be hearing a lot of when the collection hits Corky Saint Clair.

I'd like to thank everyone who has helped build the shop - especially Louis Italiano, Lisa-Marie Corso, Jasmin Chen, Mina Akiyama, Dion Effern, Sheree Ford, Clara Little, Callum Reeves, Claudia, Phillip, Elwyn Murray, Richard Stephens, Claire Lehman, Mandy, Matt Petersen, Elise Sheehan and Leo Gester. I'd also like to thank all the amazing people who help put Corky Label together: the girls at Koodaks, my mentor Janet, my jewellery agent Alan, Designers Akiko Ueda, Vincent Chan, Michael Peck, Sarah Mcneil, Brendan "Monkey" and our screen printers Ben and Shelley at Super Special.

We are having a little party this Friday to celebrate our birthday. EIGHT IS NOT ENOUGH. If you aren't a fan on Facebook it's never too late.

We will be serving gluten free pizza and cup cakes and serving something called 'Kent Street Cocktails' - which is a delightful mix of tequila, kahlua, lime and soda water.

There will be giveaways every twenty minutes culminating in our grand prize draw. The prize is the solid sterling silver  heart locket above as well as a $200 gift voucher. Absolutely no one has entered our contest yet so if you enter you have more than a 50% chance of winning.

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