Thursday, November 10, 2011


Our third featured artist for our exhibition EVERY MIX TAPE IS A LOVE LETTER is Brennan Oliver, our youngest contributor to the show. Oliver is a first year art student majoring in "spatial practice" at VCA. 

Brennan's contribution to our show is a stunning bandana suitable for large dogs or very small people. 

His piece while not strictly 'jewellery' falls into a broader category of 'accessories'. 

Brennan revealed that
his work is  made from cotton with an iron on transfer a stick on letters. 

It is a homage to Advice Dog
Advice Dog is a series of popular image macros that first surfaced on 4chan’s /b/ in 2006. 

A typical example of Advice Dog depicts a cute puppy’s face against the background of a color wheel, often accompanied by unrelated advices and ridiculous instructions (i.e. Do the laundry / Rob a bank)

Brennan  will be playing a slowed down rendition of Kate Bush's Hounds of Love on the night of our show.

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