Thursday, November 17, 2011


Our sixth featured artists for our exhibition EVERY MIXTAPE IS A LOVE LETTER for the Melbourne Music Week are designers Ruby McMillan and Sergei Netchaef. They have  made a complicated body piece inspired by the video of Radiohead's LOTUS FLOWER

They wrote:
"The clip for Lotus Flower is pretty powerful and a little bit uncomfortable. It's really about seeing this music in a body, and how these tiny notes and rhythms are expresseds as movement, when mostly we just dance to the basic rhythm of a song. Music is so much about the body and not just the sensation of sound'

There is something interesting about the way jewellery typically adorns the body. 

Often it sits over the body, centred or held in place by gravity and a chain, or strapped or pinned to it so it doesn't move. We started trying to make a piece that was somehow dependent on the body, that would make the body part of the piece. necks and collarbones and the way they move are really pretty and quite strange.

The end result is something that places itself across the body, and uses the movement of the arms and neck to change the shaped of it. Different connections between the chains become visible when it moves differently, and the chains kind of 'play' on the body as it moves.

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