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Our seventh featured artist for our jewellery exhibition EVERY MIX TAPE IS A LOVE LETTER is Architecture student and burgeoning designer-fabricator. Phillip Burns.

Phillip made this silver wolf which looks like it is either morphing geometrically
or maybe exploding. I can't wait to see what other work he generates using this technique.

I recently met up for brunch with Phillip at one of Melbourne's hottest eateries to record this exclusive interview.

Hi Phillip. Thanks for meeting me. I love the piece you made, it's very different to the other works in exhibition
Thanks Chris. I love your outfit, you look amazing!

Thanks man. Can you tell me what is this stunning work called?
It's called Crystal LycanthropyLycanthropy is the study of the professed ability or power of a human being to undergo transformation into a werewolf, or to gain wolf-like characteristics. And the crystalline appearance of the wolf is in part capturing a split-second in time when the wolf is about to transform - and part palimpsest of the process of making the piece.

Can you tell me a little bit about the fabrication of your piece?
The piece was manipulated using 3D software, with particular intention to maintain evidence of that process.

What song inspired this necklace?
I chose Midnight Juggernauts - Devil Within. My Favourite Melbourne band - both the piece and the song were made in Melbourne. REPRESENT. The video clip shows the bands interest in Tron-esque 3D virtual environments. And the juggernauts are always going on about wolves.

Can you tell me what materials were used in the final version of your work?
The piece was 3D-printed in wax then cast in sterling silver. In fact - a Silver bullet is often sited as one of the only ways to kill a werewolf, so perhaps we've freeze-framed this one at that exact moment. Or at the exact moment of transformation from wolf back to human - it appears as if something is trying to escape from within the animal.

Are you intending to make other animals in this series using this technique. If so what other animals are you thinking of making?
I'm thinking about a bear, a swordfish, a eagle - quite defensive animals, and ideally I'd like to make one from every continent.

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