Friday, March 16, 2012


Having a rich, thick, deep mustache is one of the true pleasures of adult manhood.

With the rise of hipsterism
an entire fetishization
of facial hair has begun afresh. 

Sites such as The Daily Beard and most gay Tumblr sites are virtual shrines to facial hair.

Some of the guys on The Daily Beard aren't that hot - it's more just about their masculinity - which is what the bushy mustache signifies - obvious manliness.

The truth is that guys do look more handsome with facial hair. It isn't a gay thing - it's the simple visual fact that areas of darkness will provide your face with topographical definition - it's like the way trannies and trashy women contour their faces with foundation and blush to create the illusion of having cheekbones and more slender necklines.

I grew my mustache to show my friend Michael Pham that I could grow a better mustache than him during Movember

Movember is a very magical time of the year when all the young men in Melbourne look about 50% hotter. It's like lust land everywhere you look.

I was utterly shocked that I was able to grow a mustache. I quickly forgot about besting Michael and learnt to love my mustache.

I designed this mustache shaped comb to comb my mustache. The visual rhyming is too obvious not to enjoy.

Corky Saint Clair Mustache Shaped Mustache comb. 

Available from Corky Saint Clair $49AUD.

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