Thursday, March 08, 2012


Dear Corky

I wear a lot of necklaces, and one of my favorites features a large triangle.

I love the ability to switch its meaning in a certain wearing of it.

When I wear the necklace the right side up, the triangle stand erect, and I feel that I'm affirming my masculine energies. 

When inverted, with the tip pointed down, I'm hailing my feminine wiles. Few objects can match the duplicity of my moods, so I appreciate this versatility.

I know you are busy running the shop and your award winning jewllery label but have you got any advice for triangle jewellery wearing?

Any help would be much appreciated

Love Bailey-Rose

Dear Bailey-Rose

We recently sourced some solid
agate triangles. 

They are presented on an 80cm Italian Sterling silver chain.

Customers that have tried the new 
Solid Black Agate Power Triangle  have described energies emanating from them such as heightened creativity, ascenscion, manifestation
and deep illumination.

I hope this helps with your triangle quest!

Love Always

Solid black agate triangle necklace. Presented on a stunning 80cm Italian sterling silver chain

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