Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Rah! He’s an angry monster, grrrr! This quirky design is hand pierced from sterling silver on a 16inch chain which also extends up to 18 inches. A little love heart hangs on the end.

Materials: polished sterling silver
Size: 33mm x 23mm 


Check out this total **** who stole the design of the carrymonster to sell on 'folksy'. She didn't change a single element of the design from his little toes to the placement of the jump rings, his teeth, horns and rounded fingers.

Even the copy from her sales spiel is the same as the copy from my website.

I'd kinda get it if she was dodgy manufacturer from China but she's passing it off as original work on a craft site.  Apparently alot of her work on is just straight rip offs from people on

The original version. It's weird seeing her stimpy misinterpretations of my drawings. You know when you see the first eight episodes of the Simpsons and they had a different animator and it's grosser and weirder - for me seeing Lauren's redrawing of my drawings feels like that. Same but Wrong.


corygee said...

:o can you do anything to stop her?
thats gotta be copyright infringement.

harbourmaster said...

That's ruddy awful! Have you contacted the site? I'm sure everyone who knows your work would be more than happy to barrage them with emails until they at least make her remove the item if it would help?




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