Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Harajuku made my brain bleed, so much to see and love and want and buy. I loved this label CLOUD CREATOR

I also liked the shop AMP which was handcrafted silver and resin work. The owner sat in a little wooden cubby house that separated him from the rest of the shop.

The whole vibe was like whatever - they were playing really loud RNB and the two staff people seemed to fighting and not saying 'sumimasen' to me over and over. There whole schtick was reworked catholic iconography - that seems to make Japanese people hot - guess it's exotic over here. There was a gorgeous necklace that was tiny silver tablet that had the tiniest inscription 'I want mercy but do not want to make sacrifices'. So hot for so many reasons.

Also they made hand beaded bracelets out of luxey looking tiny seed beads. The main bracelet they seem to be pushing was black, shiny and had the word 'FUCK' in giant ruby red seed beads + red swastikas. Of course.

There was also an amazing inlaid resin and silver skull ring. It didn't fit and the sales girl didn't give a shit.




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