Monday, December 14, 2009


I don't feel very well - a gang of teenage shoplifters just moved through the shop like a swarm of track suit clad locusts and stole about twenty things. It's not even the cost of the items - it's just a really gross feeling - a combination of shock and being violated.

I am so easy going about people but now I'm watching everyone who comes in here. GRRRRRR.

there were about a hundred people in the shop and  I was serving five people at once so I couldn't see everything. I knew they were dodgy.

and they messed up my delicate displays as they grabbed shit



Poppy said...

I had some kids break into my house last year and steal my laptop - it really sucks, it's not even the items as you said but the fact that your space has been invaded by someone horrible enough to steal other people's possessions.

I am sorry to hear about your experience :( thieves are shit.

corygee said...

that's horrible, do you have any kind of security down there?
CCTV near the station or anything?


oh we have CCTV but it doesn't record . it was a pretty upsetting experience. i wonder how much grosser xmas is gonna get

corygee said...

dont keep that comment on here, lol. people might see it. :o

sorry to hear about this.
makes me sad because they probably took the things i wanted. :(

Anonymous said...

nah they took really weird shit - anything with a gun/rifle. it was odd because there was really expensive nice stuff next to the stuff they took - they had bad taste.

its OK its making us rethink how we run the shop


Neko said...

I know what you mean about feeling violated...I never thought about how dirty it makes you feel when someone steals something from you until it happened to me. I felt awful for ages.




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