Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yeh Prada yadda yadda - it's expensive leisure wear. Who even wears that shit?  Eurotypes and people from Sydney.  Having said that the Prada Concept shop in Aoyama was a thing of singular beauty.

I was given green tea by this cute Japanese guy as I entered. Oh and the elevator is decked out to look like an old fashioned library.

There were some whingey Asian-American tourists shopping in the basement with me. The lady american bitched at her partner to look for items with the Red Stripe i.e. shit that indicate PRADA

The view from the top floor was startling beautiful, definitely my ultimate lighting moment ever - somehow the rounded prismatic windows made the light softer yet more crystalline and rare. It's hard to explain but I imagine it's what it would be like to look out from inside a diamond?

I nearly bought these Prada men's shoes that are styled to look like a rich version of hobo shoes - they were so funny but kinda -xy (maybe 69000 yen?).

No photos were allowed so you'll have to imagine it.

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