Thursday, December 03, 2009



Evil woman lauren ridley AKA cherryloco on folksy has done her own indentical version of Rolly the Radcore Robot. WTF. She claims since it was on google images it was public domain. I seem to recall drawing this robot and reworking it over and over and over and over.

I am still working on him. If you have read my blog you'll know how many iterations of Rolly I have gone through to get to this point.

post script
After much arguing, the site hosting her work removed 'the love bot' AKA Rolly the radcore robot and 'angry monster' AKA Carrymonster. The whole experience made me realise how I feel very protective/proud of my work.

I really hope that woman Lauren Ridley of Glasgow, Scotland stops selling these two items from her inventory. Furthermore it'd be polite if she acknowledged what she did and apologised. It was quite stressful having to deal with this. 


Emma said...

Heyyyyy this is getting really disturbing, we need to take this bizatch down!

corygee said...

who cares if she found it on google images? that's not public domain, you still own the copyright to the design.
legal action?

corygee said...

oh! "item not found"
she has taken it off the site, it seems.
*release the hounds*

Emma said...

Total bitch. Smear campaign!


oh thanks for the support nice people in blogland ;o)
Lauren's stuff got taken off of after I wrote to them - they were pretty cool about it.

Lauren hersef wasn't very nice or smart. She claimed she thought of the design herself OR found it on google images.

I spent years tweaking those designs, getting samples made, moving elements around so it was bizarre to see them replicated so identically.

Even weirder I have nearly finished my new project where I made those two characters absolutely tiny.

This plagiarism incident has been really weird but like all unpleasant experiences taught me more about the world.


Emma said...

I looked for her on other folk websites and told them too! Have you looked at ?
They have her on there. It's unbelievable.
I'm gonna put something on my blog about it too!

Emma said...

Just wanted to tell you that the Glasgow Craft Mafia have been told about her and that at their next meeting they're going to vote on what to do about her. They haven't got any rules about plagiarism in their group yet, but the chairperson was very surprised and quite upset about it and she says she'll do all she can to resolve it. That should go a ways to ruining her reputation in Glasgow.
She also says that you do great work. And you do!




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