Friday, June 04, 2010


What fashion item says '2010' more eloquently than a beanie? Co-opted by participants in hipster culture in their inexorable quest to look like gay lumberjacks, beanies have reached near ubiquity.

Nothing looks as effortlessly chic as a beanie worn well.

There is something psychologically comforting about wearing a beanie - it makes you feel safe and sound.

The first Corky Beanie is being made right now. It's designed to be worn high and jaunty, which I think is the cutest way to wear a beanie.

How do you wear your beanie?

bold and bright like maritime legend and all round super dude Jacques Cousteau

accessorised like a brookyln doofus

nice'n'snug like Rpatz

ugh that jacket is amazing

super slouchy like SJP

1 comment:

hohkyo said...

lol. great post.
im not one for beanies though. :/
they look good on other people, but like like v-necks and collared shirts, they just don't suit me.




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