Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Lately I’ve been really drawn to bright colours and lots of colour in the same piece. I saw this painting I loved by Joe Flynn at the Show Off exhibition at Brood Box Gallery

Some people couldn’t see what it was but if you stood from it at the right distance it was easy to see the face in it. Squinting also helped.

I spoke to Joe in his space at Blender Studios.

Corky Blog: I loved your painting with the dots at the exhibition. Who is in the painting?

Joe: Maddy. She used to hang out in the studio. She had a space over there. (gestures toward area near staircase)

Corky Blog: how did you get the dots on the paper? Were they sprayed on?

Joe: No. It’s dye. Each drop is placed on the paper

Corky Blog: Oh.
The dye placed on the paper bleeds out unevenly giving the painting a shimmering effect that I really liked. Can you tell me do you grid up pieces like this in photoshop?

Joe: No. I guess I could do it like that but I do it by eye.

Below is a new work Joe is working on - a stunning portrait of General Braddock.

Show Off exhibition at
Brood Box Gallery 
8 Rankin Lane

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