Saturday, June 26, 2010


From burnished and buffed

How pretty is Brisbane? We are having heaps of fun at the Brisbane Finders Keepers. Our stall turned out really well. It's not as manic as the Sydney Finders Keepers, but it's just a more laid back city. 

The Brisbane Finders Keepers is in the Old Museum, which is a beautiful building in a lush garden setting. 

The main things I have noticed:
a. demographically, there are more emos and goths in Brisbane than any other city in Australia.
b. I haven't seen a single top knot girl 
c. chelsea boots aren't big here
d. people don't jaywalk

Here is a special behind the scene shot, exclusive for readers of


Chi Designs said...


I love my cute little heart brooch that I bought today.

Hope you had a great weekend at FK and I'll definately pop in to the store next time I'm in Melbourne. :)


n o o k said...

I scored a couple of your brooches at the Brisbane FK. I love them! Can't wait to check out your store next time I'm in Melbs.


p.s. I think you might be onto something about the emos and goths.




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