Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Went to Diner in Williamsburg. I loved it! It's a sweet cafe built inside an old traincar. We got to sit in the cosiest wooden booth - I love sitting in booths, it feels like you are in your own little cubby house. It was in downtown Williamsburg so it was basically like swimming in a sea of flannel shirts. Not even the sulky service from the sub-hipster ginger waiter could dampen my experience. He desultorily ran through the specials and then looked peeved when I zoned out. I mean the whole schtick of him writing down the specials on the butcher's paper table cloth seemd a bit arbitrary when I couldn't make sense of whatever it was he had scribbled there. He wasn't even a cute ginger.

I ended up getting fish soup - which was just piles of fresh, high quality seafood served in broth. That's pretty much ground zero for me in terms of food. It wasn't very filling but I hate feeling bloated after a meal anyway.

Diner, Williamsburg NY: Two thumbs up.

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