Saturday, January 09, 2010


I saw the words 'soul food' which I have learnt means 'home cooking' which for me travelling and eating odd, dry salads means 'very good'. So I went down this weird alleyway covered in decades of stinky, angry street art. Alas the 'soul food' turned out to be an indie film showing at a tiny indie cinema at the end of the alley. There was also a hip hop bar and The Anne Frank Museum. 

In this tiny indie microcosm the best thing of all was a strange printed matter shop - Neurotitan. Imagine Sticky without the jolly ladies and weird indie boys - but with bitter, funny magazines, books, posters and tshirts. And the owner was smoking - that's always a sign of hardcoreness when a shopkeeper smokes in their own shop.

Yeah, more than anyone I understand your shop is actually your home but its a really confident move imagining people are OK with smoking in their presence. The vibe in the shop was weird. I kinda wanted to ask the owner why there was no music then I realised he was playing the strangest 'noise' music - guess trance wasn't gonna cut it there. (Why do all shops in Berlin regardless of how cool they are play endless eurotrance - it is deeply disturbing!)

I bought a supercute screen print of an alien playing an animorphic keyboard that seemed to be experiencing an ecstatic moment at having the right keys played, a book printed in two colours that seems to be about the forest raping humans, and a poster of a naked lady with different weird drawings of icons around Berlin, animals and Michael Jackson.

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