Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Went to the Droog shop in Soho. This is a wonderful retail space - more gallery than shop. Really good design is just playing, so this shop is a delight in terms of the space given to largely non-commercial work. There is alot of humour in the work in this shop - from rubber leaves fitted with super magnets that turn any pole into a tree through to crazy statement pieces like this log couch by Jurgen Bey

Other big pieces that excited me where the AVL work-skull and this inspired bundle of drawers by Tejo Remy. I have always loved this design so it was some kind of endpoint actually seeing it. The version at the Soho shop had a solid resin drawer in the centre encasing a ring, some diamonds, something that looks crystal meth and a golden gun. Of course!

I bought my cousin Tord Bjoonte vase as a present but I think I might just keep it.

This is all the stuff you see in I.D. magazine (International Design not the ID the English Fashion magazine) in Real Life. It was like a cathedral to contemporary industrial design. Even the acoustics were incredible - that was the first thing I noticed when I entered the space. The sales girl played the Beach Boy's Pet Sounds and it sounded amazing in that space - echo-ey, deep and rich


Luyi said...

Wow that is cool. Does the log make you want to rethink your couch? :p


i think that log looks more comfortable than my current couch




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