Saturday, January 23, 2010


Went to the Brooklyn Flea. It was in the Brooklyn Music Conservatory - three floors of flea market-y goodness in the most beautifully decrepit old building. I experienced some ghost whisperer-esque vibrations in there - especially in the basement.

There was delicious food - I had fish tacos - best invention ever.

So far I've found NYC pretty lacklustre for clothing - no I'm not a 20 year old hipster, no I don't want to do my take on Cold Mountain couture and to tell you the truth I am kinda sick of flannel. Having said that the indie jewellery here is excellent.  I bought this sterling silver ring from Species of the Thousands.   I have been following her work for a few years so it was interesting to meet her.

I bought this sea horse ring from Jeweller/ artist Anne Arden McDonald.

The upper mezzanine level was lit by the winter sun streaming through stained glass windows splaying the softest, warmest light everywhere. I found a teeshirt label there I am going to stock...The guy seemed impressed by the Corky business card - the foiling always catches people.

I also bought a huge painting of the Manhattan Skyline done in 50s folk style. Gonna have fun getting that home. Also there was this cool stall that had all curated weird civil war era bric-a-brackish jewellery. Creepy memorial pins with dead soldiers, arrow heads, crystals. I bought a tiny bear and a solid silver miniature pen knife. I have bought so much crap now, its like I'm trying to physically drag as much of Manhattan back to Melbourne.

It seemed like everyone wanted to chat - people in NYC are so friendly, especially at the Brooklyn Flea.

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