Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is the sequel to my FOOD post about Japan.

Today I tried to have the most American breakfast possible. I went to a lovely cafe in Williamsburg called Egg and ordered Country ham with biscuits served with homemade fig jam, Grafton cheddar cheese and grits.

Grits turned out to be like mash potatoes made out of polenta. Did not like.

Biscuits are like big, dry buttery scones.

The whole experience was pretty intense - very salty, heavy and greasy. The fig jam was a nice surprise. It wasn't probably what I would ever crave, want or enjoy but I wanted to have a Truly Authentic American Experience.

I bought so much crap in Williamsburg by the end of the day I could hardly move. There are some of the weirdest shops I have ever seen there, maybe I'll blog about them later. I think I'm bit sick of looking at indie jewellery.

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