Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I wanted to have a Truly Authentic Williamsburg Experience so I ordered the Vegan Super Burger at Super Core on Bedford Avenue. How good does it look? There is some very onion-y potato salad hiding behind the salad greens.

I love the textures of vegan food - the burger was crunchy on the outside and light and creamy on the inside. The homemade bread was chewy and moist. This meal made my mouth happy.

This place felt and smelt so good as soon as you walk in. The menus were super cute hand drawn cartoons so you know they were hitting some key references. There was tonnes of Japanese and Korean treats on the menu and the staff all seemed to be Japanese.

I watched a beleagured hipster mother with her two overly energetic sons order the most amazing feast of vegan pan-cultural treats. I kinda wanted to film them - they looked so cool. The boys had little hoodies and post-ironic mullet-y hair.

This place was crazily affordable - this cost $4.50US.


oliver fluxx said...



you are having the best world tour chris!!!! lotsa love from sunny christchurch


hi oliver i spent alot of time looking for someone to do more 'janky' prison tattoos on me but i kinda got laughed at at this too cool for school williamsburg tatt place where the guy said 'you'll find some one at a party with a needle who can help you...'




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