Friday, January 22, 2010


Dear *****
this year for your birthday I got 
you inner peace in a box

Bought this  cute stamped silver necklace from this lovely shop called Blue Tree .

I've spent the last six weeks going to every gift shop in the world but this was definitely in the top three. The staff weren't that friendly but its on Madison Avenue, everything is extra T.O.N.Y., you kinda want them to be rude to you.

The interior was light and airy - lots limewashed wood. And the product mix was interesting and varied - non retarded hand made jewellery through to high end ceramics and some sweet japanese toys. There was affordable stuff and then there were necklaces for a couple of hundred dollars.

It was all cute and not cheesy. Whoever chose all this stuff has amazing taste.

PS. The worst gift shop I went to was called DOM, in Berlin. The jewellery was diplayed in black cages. There was laughing crocodile on a rope that sounded horrible. All the giftware was cheap and nasty. The owner seemed slightly menacing. And the exterior is covered in gigantic spangly sequins.

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