Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I have this theory that you should try every food once. Remember that movie Lorenzo's Oil when Susan Sarandon's disabled child got cured by eating olive oil? I think that if you try everything you might ingest some nutrient your body has always needed.

Look at me - I even tried Japanese Breakfast! Imagine eating this at 9am.....

Clockwise from the top
1. Grilled Salmon - not too fishy, but with that smacky, oily texture
2. Pickled Radish salad - nice and tangy, the acidity was the perfect foil for the general fishiness of the meal
3. Chicken roll with burdock - not sure what this but I think it was chicken rolled around something like asparagus
4. Rolled omelet with fish paste - kinda sweet obviously made with flour - imagine a stiff fishy yorkshire pudding.
5. Pottage of Arum Root - nice, firm texture like a gummier agar with a rich, earthy taste. I liked this alot.
6. Roll of Tang - I don't know what this was but it was super intense - I think it was seaweed wrapped around a morsel of pork. Very gamey ocean flavours, not for the faint of heart or people not used to fishy flavours.
7. (in the centre) Pickled Herring Roe - tightly packed grainy roe with intense, sweet fishy flavours.

I had so many SURPRISES eating here not being able to speak Japanese.
1. Ordering a salad and it came with complimentary French toast with cream and bluebarry sauce. WTF
2. Realising I was eating curried liver on a stick
3. Taoyaki. This was like eating hot clag with tentacles in it, sprinkled with fish dust and bonito flakes. Absolutely disgusting.

Ok there were some good surprises
1. Strawberry Oreo bars - so very good and pretty too
2. Prawns in everything, tiny shrimp, big shrimp, deep fried shrimp - it was everywhere!

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