Monday, November 22, 2004


Imagine a rainbow made out of grey and black and that's Melbourne fashion. It is so boring and samey and sceney.

Then you get Melbourne Eccentrics and they look like they are wearing costumes. If they are guys they wear bowties. When I was superskinny I rocked that look - it was ok, until i went to that revolting *********************** exhibition where i was in a room with 55 feeble fashion fags all wearing bow ties, it was like EVERYTHING that was wrong with the world,  every fuck up in history and every mistake God ever made neatly placed into one airless room in yet another Melbourne Alleyway.

And don't get me started on tattoos.  Around Flinders Lane I see so many sleeves and chest tatts and have even started seeing a bit of facial tattooing - it's like its kinda cool when you see someone NOT covered in tatts.

Today I saw yet another Alpha 60 rip off shop - Thom Finch - wtf - it looked exactly like Alphaville - monochromatic shit, deconstructed tees, lots of grey, tees with faces printed on them, yadda yadda

I guess even though Melbourne is full of Indie Pop Scene Police and Underweight Style Nazis it's better than any other Australian city cos they are just full of board shorts and bogans. When I was in Perth recently I got confused because there were skinny young guys everywhere and they weren't wearing ******* ****. They are, however, getting their first **** ******* shop so Perth say hello to semi-disposable skinny cut clothing!

Now every hipster has that undercut big quiff lesbian hair - how can so many people trying to look different all look the same?




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