Saturday, January 27, 2018


One thing I love about Australia is that we have the prettiest gemstone in the world. Our opals are second to none with their incredible colours which can appear in bold patterns, stripes, crazy patchworks or other-worldly clouds of light.

The top photo of our new opal pendant. This solid opal is from Coober Pedy. It has bright play of colour with a big green flash in its centre and beautiful clouds of electric looking cerulean blue. We have set this stone in a custom made six claw setting that has been slightly oxidised to bring out the online

Pretty little lozenge shaped opal from Coober Pedy. This opal measures 19mm long x 15mm wide. It has distinct pools of vivid yellow and blue. It has a concave indentation running down one side which adds to its unique appearance. We have set it with a striking oxidised claw setting that makes its bright colours really pop. The chain and bezel are sterling silver. This piece has been cut, polished and set in Melbourne.

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This beautiful boulder opal has two bright opals and a marked area of iron stone in a mysterious triangle layout. This stone is from Queensland, Australia and designed and made in Melbourne. It measures 22mm wide by 25mm high x 4mm deep. The bezel and chain are made from sterling silver. The box link chain is 50cm long.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018


We have a lovely collection Australian Opals at Corky Saint Clair.

I have listed some new opal earrings on our website
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Wednesday, January 03, 2018


Hey Everybody

We are back at the shop. Things are afoot at Corky Saint Clair. As you know the Metro Tunnel Redevelopment will subsume Campbell Arcade. I have been looking around for a new shop as my lease ends in February.

I'm looking at spaces not on ground level so Corky will end up upstairs in one of the buildings around Flinders Lane. If you have any leads please lead us know .;o)

Keep your eyes peeled for our big move!


Hi Everybody

I am back at the shop (barely) this week. Opening hours this week 12 to 3 Friday.
Saturday closed.

Next week
January 8
First Shift:
Monday to Friday
12pm to 3pm
Encore Shift:
4.30pm to 6pm

12pm to 3pm




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