Tuesday, July 15, 2014


On the coldest winter's day, we reach to our memories of summer to sustain us. Few motifs are as evocative of summer as the pineapple.

I found some documentation of a flakey pineapple project I ran this summer - growing a pineapple head in a jar.

Pineapple Bookends

Enamelled Pineapple trinket.
Pineapple brooch by Corky. Available from Corky Saint Clair.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014


My friend James said to me that anyone can paint large but it takes real skill to paint small.​ Imagine the skill it took for Michael Peck to paint these these natural scenes in a frame that measures less than 30mm by 40mm.
In these tiny tableaus Nature is rendered as a pretty yet mysterious space. There is so much detail in these scenes that little stories are suggested. For example, in the 'Winter Tree' scene Peck manages to pack more trees behind the main figure and behind those trees lie more trees - rendered now as shadows, making us wonder what lies out of the frame. Maybe there's a bear family or some deer escaping a hunter.
Each image is Giclée printed onto rag paper which gives them the appearance of having been painted by hand. We have protected the miniatures with a durable glass cabochon. The glass is domed which provides some magnification and gives the illusion of depth.
The miniatures are available as a necklace or as a brooch. The necklaces are presented on a 50cm Italian sterling silver fines curb chain.
available here

Sunday, July 06, 2014


A question we hear at the shop is "What are all the colour ways of your stunning Czech Glass Three Flags pendants?"

We have created this infographic to delineate your choices.

These necklaces are hand-made in store by Team Corky and feature a range of colours to suit all tastes. They are a great way to add a pop of colour into your outfit and your day. 

Available to buy online here:




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