Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This little 3D sterling silver birdcage contains a tiny moving bird. We have presented it on an 80cm Italian Sterling silver fine curb chain.

As well being the perfect size and shape for a pendant, this birdcage makes a pretty sound when shaken.

Thursday, August 08, 2013


Hi Everybody. How well do you know your dinosaurs?

We are having a Dinosaur pendant giveaway. Just name any of the dinosaurs featured and you can win that pendant.
To win private message us on our Facebook page with the name of the dinosaur you want.
or click here

Our first dinosaur is a large, heavily built, herbivorous quadruped. It had a distinctive and unusual posture, with a heavily rounded back, short forelimbs, head held low to the ground and a stiffened tail held high in the air. Its array of plates and spikes has been the subject of much speculation. The spikes were most likely used for defense, while the plates have also been proposed as a defensive mechanism, as well as having display and thermoregulatory functions.

There is startling new evidence to show that this dinosaur hunted live animals and didn't just scavenge.

Researchers found a part of this dinosaur's tooth wedged between two tailbones of a duckbill dinosaur unearthed in northwestern South Dakota. The tooth was partially enclosed by regrown bone, indicating the smaller duckbill had escaped from the predator dinosaur and lived for months or years afterward.


What is the name of this carnivorous dinosaur?

We affectionately call this guy 'spazzy running dinosaur' because it looks like he's gonna fall over. What is his actual name?




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