Friday, May 30, 2014


This rather regal looking sterling silver is a paean to nature written in miniature. 

In many cultures the deer's ability to grow it's antlers back every year has marked the animal as a symbol of regeneration.

We have created our own tiny silver stag head pendant for those with an affinity for deer and all they represent. Each solid sterling silver pendant is presented on a 42cm Italian Sterling Silver fine curb chain. We have soldered a jump ring on opposing antlers so the piece sits flat. The weight of deer head on the fine chain creates an elegant triangle. 

available here


The forrest marks the edge of mankind’s domain. Forrests are strongly symbolic of the cycle of life, from the growth of spring and the flowering of summer to the decay of autumn and the emptiness of winter. 

Our engraver has done an amazing jobe evoking the mystery and serenity of the forrest on such a small surface. His engraving is deep yet delicate. Wispy lines suggest clouds and birds floating over the broader, stronger down-sweeping curves of the pine trees.

Each piece is carved by hand and varies slightly so you know that if you choose this locket, yours will be unique.

Proudly made in Melbourne.

available here

Monday, May 26, 2014


These opals were so pretty in their rain-drop shape that we couldn't help but make them into a sweet new necklace. The cloud is hand-cut stainless steel from which we have suspended the tiny opal, and the chain is 42cm fine-curb sterling silver.   

The Mini Raincloud + Opal Raindrop necklace will remind you that rainy, winter days don't have to be so bleak after all.

Check them out here:


Our new 'Herkimer Diamond' studs are a contemporary take on the classic solitaire diamond stud. The use of rough, uncut stones update this look into something casual and easy to wear. 

Herkimer Diamonds are uncut, double terminated quartz points that come out of the ground with natural faceting. They are unusually clear and extremely hard, which means they will be both beautiful and long-lasting... Hence the reference to 'Diamond'.

We think the clear colour and simpleness of the design allow the studs pair with any ensemble you put together.

Find them at:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hey if you're looking for something fun to do this Sunday we are going to be at Markit@FedSquare.

Markit is Australia's premiere design market with over 106 of Australia's best independent designers and makers, selling products ranging from ceramics to homewares, jewellery, fashion, stationery and prints.

Admission is free! 10am–5pm.

We are in stall 5 which is facing the Markit Information bay and the stairs leading down to the "BMW Edge" section of Markit.

Come and say hello and see all the new shiny gems we have collected this year.

Monday, May 19, 2014


These pretty lockets are made in Melbourne. Each locket is engraved by hand by one of Melbourne's most celebrated engravers, thus there are slight variations between each piece, ensuring your locket will be unique.

We have presented each locket on a 50cm Italian Sterling Silver fine curb chain.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014


These stunning gold fill swallow earrings are new in the shop. If you are looking for a bit of gold for your outfit this could be a cool way to do it.

They are presented on gold fill hooks. Gold fill is 9ct gold plated onto sterling silver.


These Corky Wing Studs make a cool, edgy statement yet are are perfectly proportioned to wear everyday.




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